In March we headed to Mozambique for a few days and stopped past the Vaal River to target one of my favourite freshwater fish on fly; the Smallmouth Yellowfish. These Bars-of-Gold are often referred to as freshwater bonefish and it’s not hard to see why. Not only do Smallmouth Yellows look similar to bonefish they are really feisty fighters and use the strong currents of the Vaal River to their advantage. They go on strong runs and don’t give up easily. I managed to land 12 fish for the day, nothing huge, however it certainly was awesome to have one on the end of my line again. This is the same section of water where I caught my PB Smallmouth Yellowfish of 3.75kg’s on a dry fly 5 years ago. It’s a section of the Vaal that often produces bigger than average fish and this trip was no exception, the first fish of the day tipped the scales at 4kg’s. It was on the end of Kenneth’s line though and we still can’t wipe the smile off his face to this day. Late afternoon Kenneth hooked into another monster that went on a blistering run upstream, stripping him down to the last few centimeters of backing Kenneth had little choice but to swim after this steam train, sadly Kenny can’t swim very fast and eventually the knot parted.

Although this report is not a float tube report, there are many areas that you can use a float tube on the Vaal to either stalk Largemouth BassSmallmouth Yellowfish or the elusive Largemouth Yellowfish.

I don’t have much else to say so will let the video and pics do all the talking.


[youtube GYw3cwtnQPU]

Some Pics


4kg Smallmouth Yellowfish
4kg Smallmouth Yellowfish Nice Smallmouth Yellowfish
smallmouth yellowfish Release of a smallmouth yellowfish
Smallmouth yellowfish Flyfishing for Smallmouth Yellowfish