The Bass Challenge offers a platform for bass anglers in the Gauteng area who fish from float tubes, kick boats, pontoon boats, kayaks, inflatables and small bass boats to compete socially in a stress free environment. For more information and to join in the fun please visit??

Brent Webber owner of Blue Water Gear and regular competitor in the Bass Challenge sent us this article and pictures of his experience at Leg 2 of the event held at Klerkskraal dam in Gauteng this past weekend.

Thanks for the article Brent!

After my previous dismal attempt at Leg1 of the Bass Challenge @ Boskop on the 28th January 2012, where I caught a single Largie of 0,44kg, I was in need of a strategy change. I am by nature a Power fisherman and very reluctant to change my style during a comp, even if it is not working. So my strategy for leg 2 of the Bass Challenge @ Klerkskraal dam was simple; fish my way for at least an hour, and if nothing came of it force myself to stop and re-think my strategy. Of course the day I finally have my head straight the power fishing was on and my discipline never got called into action. I’ll?? have it ready to rumble for Leg 3 @ Nigel dam on the 17th March 2012.

Friday night packing and getting the BWG (Blue Water Gear) sponsored prizes ready took majority of the night, thankfully the BWG Sponsored youth Jordan Winslow was around to help get things sorted. A mere 3 hours of sleep and being the die hard fisherman that I am, when the alarm went off I was up like a rocket.

We hooked up the Tug10 and made our way to Klerkskraal dam. We reached the dam at 6:20am and it was a hive of activity with guys registering and getting their boats and float tubes ready. It was nice to catch up with mates and customers over a cup of coffee and some hot cross buns.

Registration at the Bass Challenge Klerkskraal

6:50am and the comp was underway. I am one of those guys that enjoys time with his family, and when I get the opportunity to spend some valuable time with my lady of my life I grab it with both hands. Luckily for me my wife Lucinda Webber fishes the Bass Challenge with me and we fish from a Tug10.

7:20am?? Luci landed her first bass ever. Weighing in at a feisty 0,480kg she was uber excited and very proud of herself. I must say, seeing the excitement in someone???s face when catching their first bass is something to behold. Into the live-well it went. By now I knew that she was hooked on this bass fishing idea.

Bass -  Klerkskraal Dam

Before leaving our first spot, Luci had two fish and I had one. Not that the one that I had was anything to write home about, I don???t even think it broke the 0,100kg mark. But hey, a fish in the well is a fish in the well.

We proceeded around to the dam wall and spent a good hour around this area, but not even a single tap. I knew that by now with the heat, the fish were deeper and under cover. So we moved to my favourite spot on Klerkskraal which is covered with lekker grass. We spent the majority of our day here.

We fished suspending cranks and texas rigged BWG prototype Craw-Baits. Between the two of us we picked up 10 additional fish. I upgraded a few of my smaller dinks thankfully.

Unfortunately one of Luci???s dinks had turned by the time we got to the weigh-in. However she weighed in a healthy 0,950kg of fish and earned herself 73 points in the Bass Challenge for the day. I weighed in a bag of 2,02kg???s and earned myself 91 points for the day.

Everyone got into some fish. Very few lunkers showed up, however Nico Mathee (BWG Pro-Staffer) landed himself a nice 2,2kg piggy using BWG Maji Kamba Braided. 10 minutes before this he had lost a monster using Fluoro Carbon. With Maji Kamba he has the confidence to drag piggy???s out of the thickest of thick.

Bass - Klerkskraal Dam

Some of the float tubers taking part in the KBBC series:

Float tube - Klerkskraal Dam Float tube - Klerkskraal Dam
Float tube - Klerkskraal Dam Float tube - Klerkskraal Dam

Well done to Juan Cambrinck for taking 1st place in the SBBC series and Magnus Beukman for taking 1st place in the KBBC series

BWG?? Sponsored prizes for both series, SBBC and KBBC 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, and Nabana Lodge in Hazyview also sponsored weekend getaway vouchers.

Be on the lookout for Leg3???s report back which will be taking place on the 17th March 2012 at Nigel Dam.

Current BWG Team:

BWG - Blue Water Gear Team
From Left to right: Nico Mathee (Pro-Staffer), Tristan Wood (Pro-Staffer),
Jordan Winslow (BWG Youth Bass Fishing Initiative), Brent Webber (BWG Owner) & Lucinda Webber (Owner)