Hi Guys,

The second leg of the BFSA Kickboat Trail was held this past weekend in the Western Cape. The Cape weather made fishing interesting and travelling to the venue treacherous. We are very happy that Roy wasn’t badly injured in his terrible accident.?? Below please find the report courtesy of Bassfishing.co.za.

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??.By Shane Crauser (all photo and article credits Shane Crauser)

I am sure everyone woke up to rain this morning?? Never the less it was time to go fishing and that is what we did! HPS got to my place at 4:50 and at 5:00 we were on the road in the pouring rain?? Not far down the N2 we saw the first victim of the mornings rain with one car on it???s side in the barriers and cops all around. Not too long later my phone rang and it was Roy, victim number 2 to the rain! Roy who was very lucky to escape any major injuries hit some standing water on the highway, aquaplaned and lost control of his car, going off into a field and rolling a number of times! Thank goodness he was ok but quite shook up! Not a nice way to start the day at all. A short while down the road victim number 3 was a cop van which had also lost control and crashed into a poll. Needless to say we never went over 100 the rest of the way.

6:00 and 7 very brave souls had made it to the meeting point. A short break in the rain allowed us to say hi and get going, and then the heavens opened! We arrived at the venue and we all sat in our cars till the rain let up a bit. By 7:00 we were all on the water and fishing hard! The rain came down for the next 3 hours and we were all questioning our sanity?! Never the less my day started ok with a keeper soon into the day and quite a bit of action on my lure. By the end of the day I had 2 good keepers and one rat in my bag which weighed in at 3.049kg???s earning me 2nd place. First place was taken by GavinSW with a nice bag of 3.471kg???s and BWV was third. Well done again guys! Everyone was getting lots of bites but the fish were either not committing, too small or blue gill attacks!! At the end of the day only 2 of us had bag and only 4 people weighed in. Definitely a tuff day on the water but still a lot of fun was had by all.

After a couple of hours the clouds stated to get lighter and the sun came out for the last 2 hours of the days fishing. Although most of us were fairly cold and the fishing was slow I enjoyed the day very much and hope everyone else did to. The venue is really a stunning venue and is a pleasure to fish.

Well done to the guys who finished in the money and thank you to everyone for their support. You guys ROCK!

Days Results:
1 ??? Gavin: 3.471kg???s
2 ??? Shane: 3:049kg???s
3 ??? Vincent: 0.886kg???s
4 ??? Garreth: 0.753kg???s
5 ??? Kurt: DNW
6 ??? Quentin: DNW
7 ??? Douglas: DNW

Gavin with 2 fish from his winning bag
Shane’s 2 best fish of the day