Hi Guys,

The first leg of the BFSA Kickboat Trail was held this past weekend in the Western Cape.?? Great fun was had by all competitors and some good fish where caught. Below please find the report courtesy of Bassfishing.co.za.

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Next event: Saturday 12 November 2011


??.By Shane Crauser (all photo and article credits Shane Crauser)

The first BFSA Kick Boat Trail has come and gone and was a great success. Overall 17 anglers took part and fun was had by everyone who fished the event. The day started with us all meeting at the designated area and soon we were heading towards the dam. The weather was good with no wind to start with but it did pick up a bit during the day. Overall I think the weather was quite good and could have been much worse according to forecasts.

By 6:30 all the anglers were in the water and ready to fish! Not to long after the whistle blew I think it was Herman who I saw was into a fish but then came off. This I thought was a good sign and hoped the fishing would be good all day. Soon I was into my first keeper and it was time to try out the new livewell, it worked like a bomb and was keeping the fish healthy and happy. Not too long after I had my fish I saw Hayden loses and land another 2 fish. Everyone I think was into some sort of action.

As we pushed along the bank I caught a couple of fish just of the reed lines and was doing ok, then the wind started to blow a bit. At this point I decided while I still had legs left I would head back up the dam. Unfortunately at the same time the fishing switch was thrown and I only managed to get one more fish on my very very long paddle. Never the less I had bag and was just happy to catch some fish again.

Most of the people I spoke to had caught something so that was great. The front that was coming over did not help the fishing and I am sure if it was another day we would have caught much more fish. The dam is crystal clear and the fish where very healthy. It really is a pristine fishing venue.

At the end of the day I think everyone was feeling the effects of the 1st time back on the tube syndrome. Even though we planned to finish at 2 almost everyone was in by about 13:30. One person in particular was moaning about his legs that may have broken off in the dam… LOL! Even though most of us were stuffed by the end of the day, everyone had a smile on their face and I can say I had a great time. It was also great meeting some new members. Thanks for joining us guys.

The final standing for the day are as follows:

  1. Roy ??? 3.702kg???s Winnings: R1000.00
  2. Poultry (Hayden) ??? 2.802kg???s Winnings: R700.00
  3. GavinSW ??? 2.669kg???s Winnings: R500.00
  4. Kurt (HPS) ??? 2.460kg???s
  5. Southpaw (Malcolm) 2.442kg???s
  6. Q (Quentin) ??? 2.440kg???s
  7. Bassmaster (Shane) ??? 2.157kg???s
  8. BoatWrapVincent (Vincent) ??? 2.130kg???s
  9. Andrew ??? 1.75kg???s
  10. Floatie (Quentin) ??? 1,225kg???s
  11. Douglas – .960kg???s
  12. JP – .956kg???s
  13. Gert – .681kg???s
  14. Garreth ??? DNW
  15. Herman ??? DNW
  16. Gareth ??? DNW
  17. Richard ??? DNW

Thank you once again for everyone???s support; I think we are going to have an exciting season! I hope to see you all again soon.

The Anglers
Top Three Positions
Roy – Biggest bag of the day – 3.702kg’s 2nd Place bag – 2.802kg
Gavin SW 3rd Place bag – 2.669kgs ??HPS 4th place – 2.460kgs
Southpaw 5th place – 2.442kg’s
Andrew with a good fish