Malcom, Andrew and Garreth had another cracker of a trip to Clanwilliam dam in the Western Cape, getting into some really nice smallmouth and largemouth bass.

Thanks again for the article Malcom and the great pics!

Clanwilliam 21 – 23 January 2012 a.k.a The Garreth Show!
Well after Garreth???s first trip to Clanwilliam he had to leave the country to work for a few very long weeks and by the time he got back he had some serious withdrawal symptoms and had to catch some bass. Andrew suggested we hit Clan again before Rondegat dries up. So that???s exactly what we did last weekend while the TWK Classic was on. The whole weekend we didn’t see a single bass boat.

Andrew and myself got to Lebanon around 1pm on Saturday and Garreth was there already. We set up camp, got our tubes pumped up and tackle good to go.
The water level was down to 65% which has exposed the island but there was still some fishing to be done around it. Andrew was the first into a nice size small mouth on crank. We fished the area for a while and then we decided to make a move to the far bank for a few hours before it got dark and then go back to the island and try some top water.

??We got to the other bank and only a few minutes had passed when Andrew was into another bass, I also got one just keeper. Then the next thing Andrew and myself hear is a big splash and a ???Wooohooo!!!??? from Garreth, he was a bit ahead of us but we could see it was a good large mouth. He landed it just we got there and it was a beast! We took a few photos and then put her on the scale??2.75kg and Garreths new PB. Needless to say he could go home right there and then a very happy man.

Largemouth Bass

After we had pulled ourselves towards ourselves and got back to fishing we picked up bass on regular basis. We had the pattern within an hour, the fishing could be the best we had ever had at Clan. Maybe 30 minutes later Andrew and myself had a replay. But this time it was slightly smaller at 2.55kg, still a great catch.

Clanwilliam Largemouth Bass

By now the sun was getting low and we started heading back to camp. Had a braai and got ready for the next day.

Sunday morning bright and early around 4am, had a quick breakfast and did a few trips carrying our stuff to the water. We decided since the far bank was fishing so well we were going to make a day of it. It was cloudy and cool, a welcome relief and a slight breeze at our backs but nothing to worry about. We were getting fish (not a lot) on just about everything from crank to plastics to top water. It was looking good for the day. There was a good class of large mouth out of 1.2kg up to 1.6kg with the odd small mouth in between. Andrew got a good small mouth of 1.68kg on top water.

Clanwilliam Smallmout Bass

Around 11am the fishing died down but somehow Andrew was still catching the odd fish. It must have been around 1pm or 2pm when Andrew and myself had a sense of D??j?? vu, a splash and a Wooohooo!!! He did it again! Another 2kg large mouth but this time 2.25kg. That fish picked up our spirits.

Largemouth Bass

??We fished the bank a little longer before we hoped back over to the other side but as we were going over the wind was changing direction and was getting stronger and stronger. Longer story short it was the hardest we have ever had to kick to get 1cm forward. It got so bad we ended up pushing our tubes along the bank where we could walk. Luckily as we turned the corner the wind was across us and we could fish again. I was quickly into a 1kg large mouth and so was Andrew. Soon after that I got my biggest for the trip of 1.92kg. Garreth wasn???t going to be left out and got a solid 1.6kg and I followed suit with a 1.6kg of my own.

Clanwilliam Largemouth Bass
Clanwilliam Largemouth Bass
Malcolm with a nice Largemouth Bass

We kicked back to the island but by then we were gatvol of being blown around and got off the water for a early night. Broken bodies and very sore feet we somehow managed to cook supper and then went to bed.

Monday morning and the alarm goes off at 4am, now I’m thinking not a damn am I getting up I’m still buggered from yesterday so I waited for somebody to make the first move??nobody did. Garreth even slept through 8 minutes of his alarm, that???s how long the song is. We eventually got up around 8am had a quick chow and did some bank bashing up river. I was the only one to land a bass. Garreth had a decent bass but the hook was thrown.

Clanwilliam Largemouth Bass from the bank

That was that. Another awesome trip with two good friends. Cant wait for the next one.