A Smallmouth bass festival of note, enjoy the pics……

We’ve been dying to get back to the Smallmouth Capital of South Africa Clanwilliam since our last successful visit there in November. The opportunity arose when the venue for the final Leg of the BFSA Kickboat Trail was announced and being one of the sponsors we thought we should show our face at least once in the season.

So we arrived there on Saturday with our wives and were greeted by a very different looking Clan. Only being about 15% full the Rondegat Bay that we enjoy fishing was completely gone. It however afforded us the opportunity to take note of rock piles and rocky drop-offs for when we return in October….Oh and the island makes a nice 4×4 trail too!

clanwilliam rondegat full
?? Rondegat Full
?? clanwilliam rondegat empty
Rondegat Empty

A cold front was making its way through with a very breezy NW blowing strongly. We manned up and hit Colletta Cove for 2 hours or so in the late afternoon. Fishing was really tough in these conditions and only managed two dinkysorous ??? (very small fish).

clanwilliam smallmouth bass cold front
Coldfront dinkysorous

Up early for the start of the BFSA Kickboat competition. We all met at Colletta Cove while it was still dark and we were on the water by 6:45. I was one of the last to hit the water and really had no plan of action. I paddled around in circles like a duck with one foot trying to decide where to go and eventually decided to head across from the launch. The banks were featureless but I knew that Clan is full of underwater rock piles, you just have to find them. ( A good way to find rock piles if you don???t have any electronics it to use a mojo rig. You can feel everything on the bottom with this rig.) Anyway, as I got there I saw in the distance Hayden landing his first fish from the shallows. 2 hours later I gave up on the shallows and moved a short distance away from the bank and managed my first fish, a dinkysorous in about 10ft of water.

I tried a bit deeper and at 10am I made up my mind to go back over to the other bank as my mates had picked up some fish there, just as I started moving I got hit really hard. Put the lure back and got hit again, this time a very feisty 1.5kg smallie found itself in my livewell. Next cast fish on again, a fish of about 1kg. I finally had bag. This was all happening in 25ft of water. It???s not often you find yourself fishing this deep and it was new territory for me, especially on a float tube. Anyway,I knew I had found a good spot and spent the rest of the comp in this area. My mates joined me and we caught a good number of fish from this spot and I managed to replace my smaller fish with another 1.5kg and 1.6kg fish respectively (Bigget fish of the comp). Giving me a final 3 fish bag of 4.42kgs all smallies, enough to win it! Whoop Whoop!

??My two biggest fish Robs two biggest fish
clanwilliam smallmouth bass clanwilliam smallmouth bass
The Biggest fish of the comp 1.6kgs Note the cool rod holder, available soon!
clanwilliam smallmouth bass Rob clanwilliam smallmouth bass Rob
Some of Robs awesome smallies
Gerhard’s fish good for 2nd place. Well Done!
Haydens fish – 3rd Place. Well Done My winning bag of Smallies
All the competitors


The Top 6 Finishers were as follows:

  1. ?? Ryan (Me) ??? 4.420kg???s – Whoop Whoop!
  2. ?? Gerhard ??? 3.896kg???s
  3. ?? Hayden ??? 3.600kg???s
  4. ?? Rob Holst??? 3.562kg???s
  5. ?? Malcolm ??? 3.400kg???s
  6. ?? Andrew – 2.274kg???s

It is worth noting that 3 of the top 4 were fishing off Froggy V-Crafts… Just saying.

That evening we bank-bashed a bit and I got another good fish of around 1.5kgs on a CBC rigged watermelon Fluke.

1.5KG odd to end the day!

We looking forward to returning to clan when it is full again.

Please remember they taste better when they are released.