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I am not entirely sure where the last week went to, certainly they seem to be speeding by and it isn???t because I have been spending all my time fishing that???s for sure. Having said that, there was fishing to be had out at Lakensvlei over the past weekend but it wasn???t exactly happening for most of the time.

That old bogie of the drift boat angler, no drift, played its part and there were long periods of flat calm interspersed by short periods of intermittent and wayward breezes that would see one drifting along in one direction only to reverse the process a moment later. Not ideal conditions for boat fishing to be sure but the guys all picked up fish. Notably though when the wind was blowing or when it was late evening, coming on dark.

There was a period where there were some fish cruising, dorsals out of the water feeding on flying ants, this venue seems to be getting a lot of fly ants on the water and I have seen them there on a number of occasions at different times of the year. It can be tremendously fun fishing if you have the nerve for it but one can also waste a lot of time chasing rises. On this occasion the fish were moving quite rapidly along the slight wind lanes that had trapped the ant and it was no mean feat to intercept one. Albe had the best of this, he was one man in the boat and able to stand and spin around should a fish show anywhere near him, mind you he paid for that by having to paddle on his own too so fair is fair I suppose.

Patterns weren???t that important for the most part although the more somber tones of natural looking bugs seemed to do better and small dark flies or even specific ant patterns were better when the fish were showing on the top. Don???t travel without ants, if the fish get really stuck on them it is a killer to watch them refuse all offerings and it has happened to me in the past.

As to the streams I haven???t been near one this past week, but from previous forays I suspect that things are still a tad disappointing, we need some rain although the cooler conditions are encouraging a few fish to feed through the day, many are holed up in larger pools waiting for a spate although there are still a few tricky fish in the better pockets if you are careful.

I see from the office that there are still numbers of anglers fishing the lower beats, of course this is within the rules but I am not sure that it is good for the fish. High temperatures combined with stress can be the death of trout, so once again if you are fishing on the lower sections be particularly careful with your fish and treat them with kid gloves during unhooking and releasing.