Kenneth recently visited?? Davies Trout Cottage near Dullstroom in Mpumalanga and caught a beautiful trophy trout of 2.7KG! Dullstroom and the surrounding areas are famous the world over as having prime trout fishing waters. The area provides great opportunities to fish for?? trophy trout in beautiful surroundings…. just like Kenneth did!

Nice going buddie and thanks for the article and venue report!

My first real trout fishing trip was a bit embarrassing – I only managed to catch one small trout the whole weekend….. (Check out the article Ryan penned here.) So I was pretty anxious to get a second chance. The opportunity came along when my new fishing buddy, Thys, invited me to join him and a group of friends at a dam closer to home.

I joined the group of guys late the Friday afternoon, and only managed to get my line in the water at about 16:30. It wasn`t too long before I had the first trout on. The little guy gave me a good tug and quickly put a big smile on my face.

Kenneths first trout for the weekend

The second fish was one of those special catches that tend to get your heart rate racing. We were fishing with sinking line, so when a fishing broke surface near me, I wondered whether it would be possible to catch a fish feeding on the surface. Fortunately I was near the end of my retrieve when the fish turned on the surface, and so quickly managed to get the fly in the right spot. As soon as the fly hit the water I started a retrieve. Second pull, the fish was on. Not so big, but a great catch.

Last-last-last-cast as the light finally faded yielded my personal best trout – a 2 kg beauty that gave me a great tussle on my 5wt.

Awesome 2kg Trout caught at Davies Trout Cottage


I ended the evening with four fish in the bag – in about an hour and a half of fishing. Not bad going considering how my first trout trip went.

By first light on Saturday morning we were on the water. The first hour of fishing was very slow for me, although the other guys were catching all around me. I finally got on the board with my first fish an hour later. I caught another two fish. All in the deeper water – size wise nothing to brag about. I then decided to change tactic, and moved closer to the banks. One cast landed right next to a bush on the shore line. I let the fly sit for a couple of seconds first, and then started the retrieve. Immediately the line went tight – this time I knew I had a good fish on. I really had to give the fish serious stick to keep her out of the grassy areas – that`s where she steamed off too. The fight this fish put up impressed me immensely – I never thought that a dam dwelling ‘canned trout’ would put up any serious resistance, but on the 5wt rod, this was great fun. A new PB of 2.7kg! (ed. nice! well done)

I was back in the car on my way home at 16:00, exactly 24 hours after I arrived. 9 fish in the bag, a new PB and home in time for a late supper with the vrou. A great fishing trip!

2.7 KG Trout caught at Davies Trout Cottage
2.7 KG Trout caught at Davies Trout Cottage - Close up

The Venue:
The venue is called Davies Trout Cottage. It is quite a small dam – in fact I am sure the dam level rose a foot when the five got on the dam with the float tubes….. (ed. I finding it hard not to believe). The accommodation is acceptable if you are a group of friends who are willing to share a room and a toilet. Most important – there is a good braai plek and the kitchen is serviced which gives you an extra hour of fishing instead of doing the dishes…..

Izak cottage at Davies trout cottage Izak dam at Davies trout cottage

Please contact the estate directly for their latest rates.



It is located along the R541 between Machadodorp and Badplaas

Contact info:
Izak Davies
Cel: +27 83 701 2243