2013 Update:
Before you renew your license every year, just make sure with the Durbanville Municipality that they will still allow float tubes that year. Additionally the dam has been completely overgrown with weeds and is difficult to fish later in the season. There are no plans to have that sorted out any time soon.

This venue is well known to the guys in the Western Cape anyway but to anyone visiting the Cape.

Doordekraal - Bass fishing
Doordekraal Structure Doordekraal Structure
Structure: Reeds Early morning great for topwater
Doordekraal Sunset Fishing hard at Doordekraal
Sunset also great for Topwater action
Fishing hard

This rose amongst the thorns is smack bang in the middle of Belville residential area. ‘Nooit!’ I hear you say, but don’t stress, this is nothing like the rather stale and lifeless residential ponds I became used to up in Jozi. It is safe to fish alone even when it gets dark, but common sense should prevail and it’s always a great idea to fish with someone, especially if you come out the water after dark. This place is wickedly beautiful considering its location. The residents are very proud of their little pond as it brings a variety of birdlife to the area and they also run around and around the thing for some puzzling reason.

The main form of structure are reeds that surround the entire dam making bank angling frustrating, to near impossible, this is a good thing. There are also submerged stumps, grass, trees, drop-offs, islands , shallow flats, a road, a bridge and very deep water. I’m not going to tell you where all these are, don’t want to spoil all your fun, plus it’s a secret very hush hush.

The dam is very productive and practically any lure will catch you fish, my favorites are the Wacky Rig, weightless flukes & grubs, jigs, u-vibes, spinner baits, etc. It is a great top water venue and fly fishermen with a small frog pattern do very very well.

Large fish live at DK, I have caught numerous fish between 1.5kg – 1.8kg, my biggest being 2.3kg, and reports of fish well over 3.5kgs are believable.

Having said that the dam is extremely pressurised so it’s not always plain sailing. I’m fortunate enough to fish it when most people are working but the saving grace is the South Easter that blows almost permanently in summer which gives the dam a break as it’s impossible to float tube in that wind. Go fly a kite rather. The dam is closed to fishing from May to end of September which also gives it a break.

Doordekraal Bass Release Doordekraal Bass
Catch and Release
Nice fish caught on Spinnerbait
Doordekraal Bass Bass fishing  at Doordekraal
50cm Bass, who’s complaining
On your way to a meeting bass
Doordekraal Bass Bass fishing  at Doordekraal
Some nice healthy pigletts
Hasn’t realised she is free yet
Doordekraal Bass Bass fishing  at Doordekraal
ouch, not for vegetarians
Evening self portrait
Doordekraal Bass Topwater Flyfishing at Doordekraal
Early morning wacky rig bass
Nice bass caught on topwater fly

It is one of my favorite dams to float tube. Firstly it is near to me, secondly it is productive with the possibility of catching a respectable bus, and thirdly in summer the sun comes up bright and early and goes down well after 8pm so you can fish it for a few hours before work or for a few hours after work or on your way to a meeting, or before a wedding, or before your wife gets home or.. after your wife gets home.

You will need a permit to fish the dam. Not just your Cape Nature permit but a special secret permit issued only by the Durbanville municipality for Doordekraal alone. Good luck with that. It’s possible but finesse tactics and patience are required, the municipality staff are like winter bass, sluggish and not particularly interested in your bait. Don’t forget to take along your Cape Nature permit and ID.

The dam is also home to some very big carp so an ideal venue for specimen carp fishermen, but you gotta get there early as there are only two spots available. Kurper and blue gill are also present.

Very Important Notice
The residents are very sensitive to our presence as fishermen and have tried to stop us fishing there in the past. I urge all fishermen to adhere to the rules:

  1. Clean up after yourselves especially line that is obviously dangerous to the birds.
  2. Get your permit.
  3. The dam wall is out-of-bounds for bank anglers
  4. Don’t climb out on the islands and run around like english soccer supporters scaring the nesting birds,
  5. Don’t drink ‘klap jou vrou wyn’ and make a noise ok.


License Details

  • Cape Nature Permit: Get from Flamingo Vlei at the Yacht club +- R50
  • Doordekraal Permit for DK +- R130.00 for season (October to end April), Durbanville Municipality, contact Sharon on 021-970 3025


Enjoy it and please practice catch and release.