I’ve been wanting to float tube Kwaggaskloof/Quaggaskloof dam for some time now. I have fished it many times from a boat but never from a float tube.?? Sadly I still haven’t had the chance.?? It’s another great venue to target smallmouth bass, largemouth bass and apparently barble from a boat, but more importantly from a float tube.

Jason Vorster sent us this article of his first time Float tubing Kwaggaskloof Dam.

Thanks for the great article Jason! Photos and article credits Jason Vorster

So after the Kick Boat Trail was?? postponed for the weekend, Douglas and myself decided we would head through to Quaggaskloof for some fishing. Being a dam that neither one of us has fished before we didn’t have much to go on.

We arrived at the dam just after 07:25 and were kitted up and on the water just before 08:00. It was a perfect day, no wind to start the day and only a gentle breeze later in the afternoon for which we were super grateful for considering that we have heard just how windy it can get there and getting pushed to the other side of the dam on a float tube to say the least would not have been fun!! lol.

We fished the left hand bank from the launch ramp through to the rocky point, few little nibbles which I’m sure were bluegill as we?? just couldn’t seem to hook any of them. So we decided to head towards the dam wall, fishing was tough and slow.

After throwing just about everything I had with me, I eventually hooked into a nice smallie of 1.8kg according to the scale, I thought now it’s time to start hooking these beasts (what a fight it put up).

I decided to rig up my new Spro little John Blood Craw, 1st cast and felt like a steam train hit this thing. After 5 minutes I was still not able to lift this thing. I thought for sure I was into a mother of a smallie … the type that gives you those shakes throughout your body! Man the adrenalin was pumping … 10 min and yet to see a fish, (now starting to wonder if this was not one of our whiskered spawn of evil). 15 minutes and finally it showed some sign of coming up, the more I fought the more this thing just dived, eventually making its appearance with the whisker’s coming out the water. I was not impressed … a 7-8kg barble! Needless to say, my??Spro little John was no longer, hooks bent and the back grazed … what a waste!

Moving on we headed to the water pumps and around the bank where Douglas hooked into a 300gm smallie, and then nothing. We headed back down the dam wall as now we were finished (in hindsight, the diving fins might have been a better plan, as opposed to the body board fins. Working our way back Douglas hooked into another nice smallie of 1.2kg, a new PB smallie for him which made the day worthwhile.

All in all, a worthwhile trip. I will definitely be back for some more smallmouth action, 3 smallies – only 2 keepers and then the evil one which we prefer not to mention.


Kwaggaskloof Smallmouth Bass Kwaggaskloof Smallmouth Bass on Froggy v-craft Float tube
Jason with a very nice Smallmouth Bass
Froggy v-craft Float tube Float tubing Kwaggaskloof
Douglas rewarded with a good fish
Kwaggaskloof Quaggaskloof Kwaggaskloof Quaggaskloof
Kwaggaskloof /Quaggaskloof SAM_0424
Kwaggaskloof Smallmouth Bass Bank fishing Kwaggaskloof