So this is why you guys go fishing!
by Rob Holst

Most guy anglers know that it???s all but impossible to explain to their other halves what it is exactly that draws them to fishing. What makes them wake up at ridonculous hours of the morning to be the first one at the dam? They see the pictures and hear the stories but they still don???t quite grasp it.

Right, so this is how you explain it to them, in my personal experience.

Off I went to my closest tackle store. Stocked up on the usual plastics and tackle box fillers and to the disbelief of the shop assistant, a bright pink 6ft rod and reel combo.

??I???m going to teach her to fish,?? I say to myself, and then she???ll understand.

Next step, organise another floatation vessel. Compliments of Ryan?? @ I was hooked up with an older?? model Froggy pontoon boat. Perfect! Then off to buy flippers. The biggest problem…the lack of colour coordination between the rod, her boat and the flippers.?? A slight niggle but we managed to work through that pretty easy.

Right everything packed and off we went to Doordekraal for an afternoon lesson. A perfect hot afternoon with a slight breeze. After getting onto the water and some basic kick boat navigation training, it was time for casting 101. This is where we hit our first wobbly. Flicking a bait up against the bulrushes seems pretty simple?? when you???ve been doing it for 15 odd years but to the beginner of any gender it???s not an obvious thing. Remembering this gal had never been on the water nor held a fishing rod in her life.

She was battling. I was trying to remain calm while kicking for both of us into the breeze while at the same time spooling new line onto her combo reel which for some reason, would dump a twisted bunch of line off the front as you attempted to cast. Clearly the combo was a bad idea, even though it was pink.

Kickboat Practice Doordekraal Largemouth Bass
Kick boat training – Easy The Gully

By now the sun was falling and prime time was on its way. Time to kick off to my favourite corner. After five more minutes of tangles and despite her best efforts the combo was finally aborted.?? I handed over my 10lb wacky rod, changed over to a Texas rig for my girl and within a few casts she was plopping it in the right places.

We pushed into a very weedy corner and she decided she???d hang back a bit for fear of disturbing my fishing (ed. well trained already I see) but hadn’t reversed all of 2 metres and I was onto a good fish from under the weed. She excitedly motor???d over and once I had a nice 1.5???sh kg fish in hand she insisted she touch it…??eeeeeuuuw?? kinda describes her reaction…”it’s sooo slimy!??

Doordekraal Largemouth Bass
??My 1.5kg Keeper

By then the bug had bit, she wanted to catch one. Pushing further down the gully, five minutes later I had another on, hooked almost under her feet. A real rat I wouldn???t even let her photograph. Now she really wanted one! She pushed ahead of me down the channel and a few casts later had her first bite.?? A really sly bite, one of those gentle lethargic pick up and go types. She missed it,?? ??aaagh too slow…sorry babe, keep trying my girl??.

As the sun was pretty much behind the hill and gone, and only a little twilight remained we headed out of the channel and back toward the car. With a short section of bulrush to fish I said ??fish this last section then we???ll go.?? With a quick flick she landed a cast in the perfect spot! ??Great cast babe?? I said as I moved further up. Seconds later, with an almighty scream and much kicking, the tranquillity was shattered, and much of the bird life scared I???m sure. I turned around to see my Shimano Crucial in her hand buckled in half and a decent fish desperately trying to free himself. I was shocked and really excited for her. I think instinct took over as she tussled the largie like a pro, wielding the rod from side to side to?? direct the fish as if she had done it all too many times before. I kicked over and lip gripped her first fish ever. A solid fish that even I would???ve been stoked to catch.

Donna's First Bass
??Donna's First Bass
Donna’s first Bass….sorry….Fish ever!

I think she was starting to understand this fishing thing. Not happy with that, after composing herself. Her very next cast she plopped her lizard back next to the reeds and got smashed again, unfortunately the hook never stuck this time. But she wasn???t done a few casts later, and with the same, now familiar kicking and screaming,?? she was on again! A minute or two of mayhem later she had another great fish in hand and a smile on her face that was priceless.

Donna's Second Bass
Donna's Second Bass
Donna’s second Bass ever

Awesome effort and great reward for a first time lady angler.

The twilight faded while we kicked our way back to the launch site, as we grabbed our kit and headed back to the car I got my reward…

??I can totally see why you guys do this?? she says.

??Mission accomplished?? I thought to myself.

ed. well done Donna! Great effort and hope to see you on the water again soon!