At the beginning of the 2010/2011 season I decided to try out a new rig, well new for me anyway. If you haven’t been paying attention it’s called the Wacky Rig. In a couple of sessions I caught 45 odd fish and 30 of them were on this rig. I posted my results on public forums and was surprised to see that not many people fish this rig. It is a great rig for highly pressurized waters. It is the first rig I’ll throw when I get to venue and probably the last too. I just cannot stop fishing it, it has such a deadly action that I’m even tempted to take a hap ek se and the results speak for themselves. Here are some of the fish i have caught recently using it:

1.3kg Wacky Rig bass 1.8kg Wacky Rig bass
2.25kg Wacky Rig bass 2.8kg Wacky Rig bass

A memorable wacky catch….One Wednesday morning I was on my way to a business meeting, Doordekraal – my favorite local dam – is on the way. I literally had 10 minutes to spare, had my rod in the car rigged …. wacky of course….pay attention! First cast from bank and bam fish on… quick photo, released and back in my car and off to my appointment smelling like fish…wicked.

1.5kg Wacky Rig bass

Then Gavin, a local form member, was inspired by my Wacky postings. He decided to use it when things got tough while fishing the Breede River off his float tube. He hammered a buss of a fish and his new PB of 3.76kgs!

3.76 kg Wacky Rig Buss of a bass caught by Gavin

The stuff you wanna know
I did lots of research on this rig, asked questions on public forums and chatted to guys in the know, so all the homework has been done. You can search the interweb as well, there is tons of info on this rig, frustratingly too much. The simpler the better if you had to ask me.

You will need the following:

  • 15mm electrical shrink
  • A senko, min 5″, most colours work. Junebug and green pumpkin are all I use.
  • Dropshot hook preferable. I ran out of them and couldn’t find any so used a 1/0 Gamagatsu wide gap hook.?? I recently acquired some weedless wacky hooks from Tackle Warehouse that are awesome.
Senko, electrical shrink, small hook

How to rig it
Ok so some guys use an o-ring rolled over the senko, your presentation would then technically look like this:

Wacky Rig O-Ring Presentation

However electrical shrink is better than an O-Ring. Buy 15mm electrical shrink and cut 5mm wide pieces. Then put it over your senko and shrink it with a lighter. It doesn’t have to be a tight fit but mustn’t be loose. I pre-shrink a few pieces and keep them in my box, some senkos are thicker than others but the 15mm shrink covers all the thicknesses.

The electrical shrink presentation has 2 distinct advantages over the o-ring:

  1. Electrical shrink is very tough so you can catch 10-15 fish on the same senko
  2. Presentation is far better, the hook more exposed and sitting proud for a better hook set, like this:
1.5kg Wacky Rig bass

The senko needs to drop horizontally so find the position on the senko where it balances, this is usually not centre due to the shape of the senko.

You are suppose to fish this with a light spinning rod and coffee grinder, but i don’t really have one so I use a 7ft Cumara Medium Heavy, fast action with a Quantum pt (can cast the weightless rig a mile) and 12lb fluorocarbon, its a realy sensitive setup.

How to fish it
It’s very simple, fish this rig as close to structure as possible and let it sink on a slackish line as you want it to drop vertically staying close to the structure. Too much contact on the lure and it pendulums back to you and away from the structure. Very NB: 95% of the time you will get hit on the drop. So watch for any flick or movement in the line. If you don???t get hit on the drop then leave it on the bottom for a minute or so and then lift the rod tip up so it lifts the senko off the bottom and let it drop again. It is not a presentation that you drag on the bottom. Lift and drop.

You can fish it in?? heavy structure abut you can get stuck and the lure doesn’t drop through the structure as it is too light. Also as near to structure as possible or in big holes within heavy cover also works. Having said that it is fairly weedless as the hook is sitting proud, plus you get weedless wacky hooks now days. I often throw it on top of lily pads and drag it along until it falls into the water and rarely hook the lilies. Additionally, because it is weightless and slow moving you will feel any bump if your setup is sensitive enough, that bump is a fish, set the hook, striking is for free.

Alternative tweaks:
If you wanna change it up a bit or need it to sink a bit faster you can add nail weights (nails) to the senko, one on each end, or for a different more erratic fall, just one nail weight on one end. You can also use a small weighted Jig-head with a Flick Shake worm specifically designed for this technique.

Nail Weights Weedless Wacky Hook
Weighted Weedless Jighead Flick Shake Worm

Give it a bash and please let us know how it goes, we are very keen to hear your results.