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Clanwilliam Dam

Clanwilliam Dam is a concrete gravity dam on the Olifants River, near Clanwilliam, Western Cape, South Africa. It was established in 1935, and the wall was raised to its current height of 43 metres in 1964. Currently construction is underway to raise the dam wall further.

Fish species include Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Bluegill sunfish and very occasionally the odd Clanwilliam yellowish.

Being such a large body of water access is best by boat and floattube. Typical bass fishing tackle is ideal and flyfishing for these species is extremely exciting.

Lakenvlei Dam

Lakenvlei is the Cape Piscatorial Society’s primary stillwater venue. It is a 82 ha dam in the heart of the Hex River catchment area. Lakenvlei offers anglers the chance to catch some large brown and rainbow trout, with fish over 5lbs being caught. It also offers anglers the ability to fly fish from float tubes, non-motorised boats or by wading from the bank. Being such a large body of water, the dam offers cool to cold water for trout to thrive in, during much of the year. Although the best fishing is often during the very cold winter months when snow is found capping the surrounding mountains.

Mofam Dam

Set in the scenic Grabouw area and surrounded by orchards and vineyards this could be the most scenic fishing destination in the Western Cape. Set on the Palmiet river Mofam dam hosts a healthy population of Largemouth bass that are which are often well coloured due the dams stained water colour. The occasional Rainbow trout is also on offer if you’re that lucky angler. These get released into the water system at times by a nearby fish farm. Bluegill sunfish can also be caught if you downsize your gear appropriately.

The dam is only accessible through Mofam River Lodge who welcomes all anglers. Their staff are great and their service amazing. If you’re up for a few days fishing their accommodation is perfectly located right by the water with great views.

Bulshoek Dam

Situated below Clanwilliam Dam on the Olifants river, Bulshoek dam has a storage capacity of 7,5 million cubic metres.

Fish species are very similar to that of Clanwillima dam hosting Bluegill sunfish, Largemouth bass and Smallmouth bass with the addition of another species being the Carp. Bait fisherman often line the banks fishing for Carp while those targeting bass will fish from boats and floattubes finding structure along the banks of the dam.



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